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Eligibility Criteria
  1. Any local or regional authority or civil society organisation located in any EU Member State, EEA country or EU candidate or accession country that have endorsed the Basque Declaration are eligible to submit an application.
  2. The applicant is responsible for the implementation of the Transformative Action.
  3. The Transformative Action has been in place for at least three months, but no longer than five years at the time of submission.
  4. Entries in the Transformative Action Award Database which were considered for the 2017 and 2018 Awards will not be considered for the 2019 award.



Terms and Conditions
  1. Applicants can at any time be required to submit official proof to support claims made in the application.
  2. This competition is being organised by the Sustainable Cities partners City of Aalborg, Denmark, the Basque Country and ICLEI.
  3. The partners reserve the right to cancel this competition at any time without liability.
  4. Data submitted will be used for the purpose of determining the winning entrant(s) and may be included on the website. Contact details will not be shared with any other organisation except for the purpose of administering the contest, determining the winner and awarding the prize. Applicants may choose to withdraw their entries at any time up to the award of the prize, in which case the partners will delete any data provided, unless agreed otherwise.
  5. By registering for the award, you agree to these terms and conditions.


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