Park your bike safely, smart and easily.
Organisation : Vadecity , Spain

VadebikeBcn wishes to develop a strategy that will be applied to users locally, nationally and internationally. By providing direct contact by maintaining contact availability with users and competing in public competitions, VadebikeBcn continuously gains visibility among potential customers. Digital channels of dissemination and participating in fairs and events help with promotion, marketing and publicity efforts.

Agendas addressed
Urban mobility
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Create and close local value chains
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Accelerate sustainability and innovation through public procurement
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VadebikeBcn will increase the use of bicycle as a regular transport mode, which leads to the reduction of not only pollution in the city but also to lower investments in public transport. Theft is very common in urban cities like Barcelona. VadebikeBcn will reduce thefts of bicycles with a balance of cost, safety and comfort. By doing so, the city, private companies and public administrations will be more cleanly and increase visitors, clients, and recruiting talent (workers). VadebikeBcn positions itself as a competitive solution when compared to other bike parking solutions.  Competitive advantages of VadebikeBcn include, among others, robotic underground parking, robotic surface parking, multi/individual-bike surface containers, uncovered surface parking and inverted U.

In Action
How it works

VadebikeBcn values the safety of its users by preventing the common theft of bicycles in urban cities and is currently working towards bicycles becoming a common and more popular choice of mobility around metropolitan areas. One of the main EU bicycle challenges was accepted by Vadecity.  Vadecity created both an innovative product and a service, VadeBike (product) and Smart Biking (service), by creating a smart, safe, and easy-to-use service for users.  The Smart Biking service is efficient in cost, space and cleanliness. By locking the bike in its weakest areas, the two wheels, as well as the stem, seat and a space provided for the helmet, the risk of theft is greatly reduced. A telephone service is also available 24 hours a day for questions, comments or concerns. When users sign up, they receive a contactless smartcard for identification that is non-transferable as well as insurance if the bicycle is damaged or stolen.  Creating this service comes with lists of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the company to take into consideration.  Some strengths are that the space needed for the products/services is minimal, it improves safety for users, and it is a well known patent/brand of BCN.  Weaknesses consist of being a new market/service, the necessity of physical space/permission, public contracting, and being the only rotation in destination.  Optimistic opportunities that come from VadebikeBcn are increases in urban cycling, less bicycle thefts, decreasing pollution levels in cities, and bringing the cycling community together.   With optimism also comes some neglect which leads to threats.  There is no determined culture of paid bicycle parking, still a minimal amount of spaces within the city, and there is a long process of expansion when entering new cities and countries.


Winner of the international tender "Barcelona Open Challenge. Lot 1: Reducing bicycle thefts in the city" in April of 2015.  Ibérico XIV conference "The Bike and The City" main event ZIB was where VadebikeBcn presented a speech in regards to how VadebikeBcn can effectively change individual's bicycling experiences. We are one of the 19 beneficiaries of H2020 Phase 2.  This means we’re provided with testing, piloting, demonstration in addition to developing a mature business plan for products. 


Expected local impact pertains to regular cyclists, public administrations (municipalities, public transport, stations, universities), and private companies (commercial centres, sports centres, offices, residential centres). Economically speaking, regular cyclists can expect a reduction in theft of bicycles and extra safety features involved in keeping the bike and helmet safe. Public administrations will notice an increase of the use of bicycle as a regular transport mode, a reduction of pollution in the city as well as reducing investments in public transport. Private companies will value the increase of visitors, clients and workers, ultimately enhancing the image of the company and space provided. 

Expected socio-economic impact will be defined by the up and coming boom of the bicycling business.  Over 20 million bicycles are sold every year in Europe and around 35 million of the European population uses a bicycle as their main mode of transport, leading to 7% of all trips being made by bicycle in the EU.  It is necessary to take into consideration the current economy and transport policies depending on the city of interest.  Several stakeholders that are interested are Zurich, Miami, Singapore and Dublin, leading to international expansion dealing with the global tackling of needs for individual stakeholders.

Challenges and lessons learned

150 spaces in the Barcelona area are currently held, yet 600 are needed to achieve the targeted growth and integrated shared system. It is difficult to find a single client willing to install a network of 600 or more parking spaces. It's easier to find several clients willing to develop their own parking stations that can be integrated together with other client stations.  Developing a European Pilot Test includes studying and defining shared integrated network policies, improving current service offerings, reducing costs for users, and will improve competitiveness.



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